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Shark Cartilage for Joint Relief 100 Capsules by Bell

 Shark Cartilage for Joint Relief 100 Capsules by Bell
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Many brands use fillers in their shark cartilage. This is what our packaging company tells us that does packaging also for other brands. What is more important than technical details is that our shark cartilage works and is effective in 98% of all cases to the extent that we are the only company in North America that has the guarantee MUST HELP OR MONEY REFUNDED. This is the only thing that matters and is a proof of effectiveness. Technical details are meaningless if there is no proof that the product performs. We supply the proof in great detail, as you see.

Slight odour Our shark cartilage has only a very slight odour - much less than most others. This slight odour dissipates almost completely, if you keep some capsules in an open bowl in a kitchen closet or desk drawer out of sun or heat.

We process to 150 mesh without heat. We freeze dry and sterilize. We do not deodorize, because of the chemical process that the cartilage would have to go through. which strips away most of it's power. In other words it does not work well anymore. This is pharmaceutical (clinical) grade shark cartilage and it is 100% pure.

No sharks killed for shark cartilage Sharks have always been caught for the restaurant industry, such as shark steaks for North America and Europe or fish and chips for England as well as fish balls. We do not buy from illegally fished shark sources, which may include endangered species that are protected. We buy responsibly to preserve the environment. Shark bones/cartilage is a by-product of the restaurant industry. Tell activists: No sharks are fished for their shark cartilage.

Typical Lab Analysis Moisture 4.35% Crude fat/oil 0.27% Protein-Kjeldahl 46.52% Ash 36.62% Calcium 15.75% Phosphorus 8.91% Mucopolysaccharides - shark chondroitin 20% minimum E. Coli 0% Salmonella 0% Pseudomonas aerguinosa 0% Staphylococcus Aureus 0% Listeria 0%

Average percentages. Take out ash if you add up figures.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing, recovering from surgery or have a severe heart or circulatory condition, consult a health professional who knows about the benefits of shark cartilage. Do not take it without their supervision.

For US customers: These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.


Don't change the recommendation. Don't skimp...

Follow recommended 12 capsules per day until three bottles are empty, otherwise warranty is voided. Don't make up your own system based on your speculations. Recommendation is based on EXPERIENCE and should be followed, if you want to achieve less pain or no pain within a few weeks. If you are taking medication right now, keep on taking your medication. Once you have achieved less pain or no pain by taking shark cartilage, it will be easy for your to make the right decision.

Do not try to skimp. Read how some people had relief only after 4, 5, 6 or 8 weeks. Some people were very persistent and had relief after 3 months. Others are hasty and panic because they are more concerned about the little money they spent than the prospect of suffering with their pain for years to come, or for the rest of their lives. Don't give up early. Otherwise you may miss the opportunity to get relief. We are providing a service to so many people each year and we are very proud of this service. Because we want to continue this service, we cannot leave ourselves unprotected. A claim has to be limited to 3 bottles to avoid a situation where anybody can use our shark cartilage for a long time and then decides to make a claim. The money should not be as important as getting some relief from a life of misery

After you have less pain or you are pain free we suggest that you take a few for maintenance. Try an average of 5 a day. If pain comes back, increase it. You have to experiment depending on your type of arthritis, how long you have had these pains and on your body weight. If there is an improvement after you finished the initial 3 bottles of shark cartilage, it would seem like a good idea to continue taking shark cartilage longer to get a further improvement. It took my wife 2 months before she was rid of her stiff neck and her arthritis pains. Every person is a little different and there is no hard rule how long it will take to get some relief or be pain free. Even if you are pain free, your arthritis pains may come back, as in my case, unless you take some capsules for maintenance.

All health professionals recommend that you should do some exercises you like to do (walking, swimming, bicycling etc.) Do something you enjoy doing, so that you will do it a few times a week.

Health professionals also STRONGLY recommend to drink lots of water or juices. If you can, drink a minimum of 6 glasses. It will help lubricate your joints and maintain better fluid levels in all body cells in older people.

If you are OVERWEIGHT, try to reduce weight to have less pressure on your hips, knees and foot joints. Bell Ezee Slimming Patches have the highest success rate. They make you less hungry and burn fat by increasing your metabolism.

SCIATICA is a form of arthritis that affects the biggest nerve in your body. Pain normally starts at about 2" away from the lower back spine towards the hip joint. There, on that spot, the sciatic nerve is squeezed between two bones. It becomes inflamed and VERY painful - all the way down to your thigh, calf and foot. This is where I suffered excruciating pain all day, every day. Worst pain I suffered in all my life for 3 years. How other people endured this for 10, 20 30 or 40 years is hard to comprehend. Many testimonials say they did not want to live anymore.

ABOUT DRAFTS: Experience shows that drafts may cause muscle pains, when you are in a room or in a car. It does not matter whether other persons do not feel the draft. If you feel muscle pains, try to eliminate a possible draft by sitting in a different spot. Muscle pains have different causes (possible drafts) than joint pains (worn away or damaged cartilage between bones). Overhead fans running at a high speed may cause instant muscle pains to many if not most people. Air conditioning causes cold drafts, which are a lot worse than other drafts.

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