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Which TruForm Therapeutic Compression Stockings Are Right For You?

Which TruForm Therapeutic Compression Stockings Are Right For You?Compression therapy, through the application of a compression stocking, is a conservative approach to managing your leg problems. Compression therapy is both effective and economical, and it is less likely to produce unwanted side effects. If necessary, compression stockings may also be selected to help promote a rapid recovery after certain surgical procedures.

Compression therapy works by applying a measured amount of comression, or "support" to your leg. The highest amount of compression is applied at the ankle and is gradually reduced along the length of the stocking as it moves upward toward the heart. This is termed graduated compression and it is clinically shown to help promote the flow of the blood out of your legs and back to the heart. Thus, graduated compression stockings "message" the legs and aid in restoring normal circulation. By improving circulation, compression stockings help relieve the discomfort associated with leg fatigue, varicose veins and swelling.

What Stocking Is Right For Me? Today's compression stockings are not only comfortable to wear, but are available in a variety of stocking styles and colors. The style of stocking is usually dictated by the location of the "problem vein," either below the knee, thigh length or panty hose. The amount of compression or "support" is based on the severity of your symptoms. The amount of support engineered into each compression stocking is expressed in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) as delivered at the ankle. Generally accepted compression ratings have been established to aid in finding the right compression garment for your specific conditions:

Compressions over 15mmHg can cause health risks. Please consult your physician and obtain a RX before ordering any compression above 15mmHg. This will help you receive the correct mmHg for your particular problem and/or problems.

PhillyPharmacy is not responsible for any misfittings and/or problems that may arise from those misfittings in cases when a Doctor's consultation and RX was not given.)

Light Compression
10 - 20 mmHg
Light Compression is recommended for those who suffer from tired legs; mild ankle, leg or foot swelling; mild spider veins and mild varicose veins during pregnancy.

Moderate Compression
20 - 30 mmHg
Moderate Compression is recommended for those who suffer from tired, aching legs; moderate varicose veins; moderate varicose veins during pregnancy; post surgery support; moderate leg swelling; inflamation of a surface vein due to a blood clot and to help prevent recurrence of venous leg sores.

Strong Compression
30 - 40 - mmHg
Strong Compression is recommended for those who suffer from severe leg swelling; post sclerotherapy and other vein surgery; active venous sores and deep vein insufficiencies.

Compression stockings are not recommended if you have any of the following conditions: severe arterial insufficiency; congestive heart failure; skin infections or red, sensitive skin.

Extra care and consultation should be used with diabetic patients due to reduced circulation in the feet.

How Will I Know My Stockings Properly Fit?
Compression stockings may feel different at first; you may experience a snug or tight sensation - some wearers descrive it as a "tingling feeling." This is normal and it shows that your new compression stockings are providing the proper therapeutic support you need.

To help you through this "get acquainted" period, you may want to gradually increase your wear time each day until you are comfortable with the fit and feel of your new stockings.

Your stocking is correctly applied if the heel pocket is centered directly over your heel and the stocking is smooth and uniform in appearance throughout its entire length. It should be free of any wrinkles or bunches in the material. Below knee stockings will end about 2 finger widths below your knee cap, thigh high stockings will end about mid-thigh and panty hose will end just over your hips.

What Is The Best Way To Care For My Stockings?
Hand wash with a mild soap in lukewarm water, do not wring out! Blot using a soft absorbent towel and air-dry flat. Do not bleach or tumble-dry, and do not dry clean or iron. Keep stocking out of contact with oils, petroleum based ointments, Woolite and direct sunlight.

Which TruForm Therapeutic Compression Stockings Are Right For You?